Sit n' Go Tracker

About SNG Tracker

The SNG Tracker is s small piece of software for tracking your poker results in single table (Sit N' Go) tournaments. The software is currently in beta-testing and can be downloaded free of charge. The goal isn't to replace larger poker tracking softare, rather offer an alternative to manually tracking your results in a spreadsheet.

As well as automatically importing your hand histories, it's got a couple of other neat features you may find useful. You can use the 'filters' system to get statistics on practically any subsection of the data, such as 'Show me my result on Weekdays after 7pm', 'Only 10+1 games on Party', 'Tournies I lost on the bubble' etc. It will sit in your taskbar quietly monitoring for new hand histories. It also supports some neat graphs. With gradient fills. Need I say more?


Current Release: v0.1.2019 Release Date: 13 July 2005

This release fixes the problem with the new PartyPoker software release 2 days ago. You need to download this patch to get things working again! Various other fixes too; see the revisions list for more info.

This is a beta release, and a lot is experimental. I can't guarantee any of it will work for you. Testing has currently been limited to the real hand-histories I've got, which are limited when it comes to game and table types. The aim of this beta testing is to try and iron out these problems, so please bare with it. If you find a bug, please contact me and I'll try and get it sorted.

I take no responsibility with this software, it's provided "As Is", etc. If it deletes all your hand histories, makes you go all in with 72o, shows that you're actually a losing poker player etc, don't come crying to me!


The Main Window
A screenshot of the main SNG Tracker window.
The Main Window
A screenshot of an ROI and ITM graph.
The Main Window
A screenshot of a cumulative profit graph.
The Main Window
A screenshot of a finish distribution graph.


If you are updating from a previous version, you must uninstall the old version first! (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)

The software runs on the .NET Framework v1.1. If you've kept up with your windows updates you'll be fine. If you're not sure, head on over to the microsoft site.

Download SNG Tracker v0.1 (1.2mb)

Unzip and run setup.exe. The wizard will hold your hand through.

Using the software


The first thing you'll need to do is start importing your tourney histories. Data can be got from a variety of sources: Party poker (and skins) hand histories, a poker tracker database, or entered in manually.

Setting your default player name

Before importing any files, you first need to set the player name you use on the poker tables. You'll be prompted to enter this in if you try to import. Make sure you get this right - this is case sensitive. If you type your name in wrong, then the hand histories will fail to import!

Importing from Party Poker

PartyPoker, and it's affiliate sites, optionally save all your hand histories to a folder (by default, this is in drive:\Program Files\PartyPoker\HandHistory\[PlayerName]\. If you're importing lots of files, use the "Import Folder" function. This will import all the files in the folder and will look in all it's subfolders. Use the 'Import File' command to import individual files.

Note: SNG Tracker only currently supports one-table NL Hold'em tournies! I hope to expand this soon if I can get a decent collection of hand-history files to review.

You can set up watches on certain directories. These watches will keep monitoring a folder in the background and import a hand history when a tournament is completed.

After importing files, you may need to refresh the list (from the View menu) to see the changes. The console window will also pop-up to keep you updated on how the importing goes.

Importing from Elsewhere

SNG Tracker also has the functionality to import from your PokerTracker database. Just select the .mdb file in the PT folder. You can also enter in the data manually if required, using the 'Manual Entry' option. You open up as many of these windows as you like, so fire them up as you start your game. Hit the 'Start Timer' button and the screen will minimize and start counting minutes. When the tourney is over, maximise the window, stop the timer, enter in the relevant info and save.


Not done yet.


Not done yet.

Revisions List

- Now works with new PartyPoker file format + Console shows descriptive errors on problem with import (wrong player name, file access error, not a HH, wrong game type) - Filter problem with times in AM/PM format fixed. - Tournies over 60 minutes duration display bug fixed. + Duration for poker tracker tournies (not supported in PT yet) is set to a default of 40 minutes. Can be changed in the config file. + Console now lists file in a new column. - File access error on importing HHs now handled neatly. . Import from poker tracker doesn't default to ptrack.mdb anymore

Build 0.1.1912: - Fixed issue with empire hand-histories

Build 0.1.1907: - Multiple tourneys on the same table, in the same session now supported - Double clicking on a tourney wasn't opening the HH

Build 0.1.1905: + Checks for an existing instance of SNG tracker running - Crippling "Exit when minimized to tray and it doesn't load again" bug fixed (always starts up in normal view)

Future Plans

Initially I'll aim to iron out the inevitable bugs that'll occur with users hand histories. After that there's loads of other features I want to cover: depending on interest, I'll aim to focus on:

  • Auto-importing from other poker sites
  • Supporting 2- and 3- table tournies
  • Supporting import of games other than NL Hold'em
  • Perform statistical breakdown on individual hands on a tourney
  • Provide more cumulative stats, and offer customization on display and graphing

Other stuff that goes at the bottom.

The idea for this program came from the excellent spreadsheet created on the 2+2 forums by AleoMagus, and improved by many others, so thanks go them for their sterling work.